Xvision Imaging is a company focused on producing optimal imagery for our clients, aiming to serve advertising agencies from the small, local level to the largest international markets. Our team of skilled, intuitive artists are trained and practiced in producing images from film photography to today’s latest CGI technology. Equipped with the newest techniques in the industry and backed by more than 15 years of experience, the Xvision team is always looking ahead in the future of visual arts.

At Xvision, our world is a blank canvas. We have created products from scratch, rendered spaces, retouched back- grounds, and controlled motion, to dazzle our clients and their audiences. No detail is too small, no product too large, for our communications. We conjure environments and evoke atmospheres, erase what’s there and spin things out of thin air. It is digital wizardry at its best and every day our work is made, remade, and refined at Xvision. From a high-velocity, paint-peeling wind tunnel for BMW, to modern interactive spaces for Ford, to a fresh take on studio for Cadillac, Xvision brings the magic with its imagery, CGI and retouching mastery. For 15 years we’ve been creating new worlds. And we still look forward to worlds unknown and yet to be created.

Contact Us

  • Xavier Moscoso Lead Creative
  • C 313-585-2495
  • Xavier@xvisionimaging.com
  • Marc Dixon Representative
  • C 248-854-2707
  • marc@verticalreps.com
  • Location
  • 333 W 7th St. Ste 210, Royal Oak Michigan. 48067
  • C 313-585-2495